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In dealing with personal information, Nichifutsu Boeki K.K. ("we"), observes this Privacy Policy set forth below, in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

Acquisition of personal information

When we obtain the personal information, we specify the purpose of use. The obtained information will not include any extended information which is not related to the specified purpose of use.

Managements and protections of personal information

We maintain appropriate internal systems in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law.
We restrict the users of personal information. We take strict measures to prevent leakage or outflow of the personal information.
To secure data transmission via internet, SSL, the security standard for a Web page, are used as encryption.
Personal information will be deleted periodically if this may not cause any trouble.

Purpose of use of personal information

We will utilize personal information for the following purposes.

Type of personal information

Purposes of the use

Personal information of the customers who purchased our products by the mail order etc.

Delivery of goods, settlement, after-sales service, and our promotion activities for our products via post mail, telephone and e-mail.

Personal information of the customers who enter prize, campaign, etc. Lottery and dispatching of prize. In addition, when the consent is obtained individually, our products information will be send via e-mail news letter, direct mail etc.
Personal information of the customers who obtained consent for dispatching of direct mail Direct mail dispatching.
Personal information of the customers who submitted an application of e-mail newsletter subscription, or the customers who obtained consent to the subscription of e-mail newsletter E-mail newsletter distribution.
Personal information of the customers who participated in the event which we organized Management of the event and surveys of the event.
Personal information of the customers who made inquires to our company Correspondence to the inquiry, record of our company, and the request of questionnaires.
Business partners customer's personal information relevant to our company operations Business communication and correspondences, management of contract related matters and dispatching the information of our products
Personal information of the applicants (including the applicants via recruiting agents.) Review process of recruiting.

Moreover, we utilize the above information in statistical information. An individual is not identified.

Disclosure of personal information

We will not disclose the personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the person who provides us the personal information. However, we will disclose/provide the personal information without prior consent when it is required by the applicable laws and regulations or national institution or local public organization, such as Court or Police. Also we provide the personal information to a subcontractor for our business use in the range required in order to achieve the purpose of the use. In that case, we maintain appropriate management system to the subcontractor.

Disclosure, correction, and deletion of the personal information

We respond to the request for disclosure, correction and deletion of the personal information when we can confirm the identity of the requested person. However we may not respond the request when it violate other laws. In addition, we may ask the handling charge for the requests.

Review of handling of personal information

We will periodically review our internal system concerning personal information policy.


With respect to inquires/comments about this Privacy Policy/our handling process of the personal information,
please contact us by using e-mail;

This the privacy policy is applied from April 1, 2005 



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